Coaches Wanted!


Coaches needed for Senior and Junior teams. 
You will be provided with everything you need in order to coach your team to success! 
You must have a current Ochre card. You will need to provide a copy. You will also need to complete 
the Online Foundation Coaching Course with Netball Australia (see link below) Cost $56
Fees will be reimbursed for the course when completed successfully by supplying certificate of 
completion and submitting it with our reimbursement form found in forms. 

Any questions please contact President/Head Coach Sharon Forsyth - Mash Netball Club Inc. 
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Coaching Links

Link to online Foundation Coaching course: Please highlight and right click Go to .. 
Link to Netball rules: 
Link to Bench Officials online course: 
Link to official Equipment regulations: 
Link to E-Learning Centre: 
Link to new rules: 

Netball Australia Foundation Coaching Course

The Netball Australia Foundation Coaching Course is now available as an online course, however can still be run as a face to face course throughout 2016. The cost of the online course will be the same across Australia – $56 and the manuals can be purchased from either Netball Australia or Netball NT for $30. Please find below a link to the Foundation Coach Accreditation, you can also find this information on Netball NT’s website and Facebook page:

Netball Australia has also made the Foundation Skills of Netball video series available through YouTube and this can be easily accessed using the below link:

Please also  find below a link to the article on the Netball Australia website, which also features a video from Australian Diamonds Head Coach, Lisa Alexander: